The Human Team

Bianca Scarano, Founding Director

EAGALA Certified ES, Certified ESMT Equissage

Riding Instructor, Vaulting Coach

Originally from the Hudson Valley, Bianca recently moved back to the area after managing a 70-horse facility for a 4x Olympic Dressage Rider in Del Mar, CA.  Her lifelong passions include training horses, working with children and being owned by many dogs. Her relationship with her dear friend, Paula Levai, inspired her to create an inclusive therapeutic riding program. 

After many years of thorough research, Bianca realized that offering a broad range of healing and learning modalities with a focus on personal development and relationship building skills would serve a strong need for holistic healing in the community.  "Working with horses not only strengthens the mind and body, but teaches us about ourselves and relating to others."  Bianca brings together her love of horses, healing and the arts at The Dala Center.

Vicki Smith, MS, CMHC, LPC, NCC, CCTP

EAGALA Advanced Certified ES/MH

Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Minister, Certified Meditation Instructor

Vicki Smith has been EAGALA Certified since 2013 and became Advanced Certified in 2019. Vicki is certified as a Mental Health Professional (Clinical Mental Health Counselor) and an Equine Specialist and is the New England EAGALA Networking Coordinator.  Vicki is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She has provided services to individuals in recovery from substance abuse, survivors of domestic violence, anxiety, depression, self-harm, ASD, and other mental health challenges. Vicki also provides team building and board development services for The Dala Center.  In addition, she is a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Meditation Instructor.

Suzie Guran

PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Equine Homeopath, Intuitive Healer

Susie is a PATH Certified Instructor and the co-founder of the The Horse's Touch, Inc..   Previous to this incarnation she ran The Horse's Touch, L3C, offering therapeutic and beginner riding instruction. as well as an inclusive summer Pony Camp program. 

Susie continuously integrates the principles of other areas of study into her teaching, including animal assisted therapy, art therapy, Natural Lifemanship skills and Holistic Horsemanship.  She is also an Equine Homeopath, intuitive healer and a columnist and contributing writer for Equine Wellness Magazine on the subject of homeopathy