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Join Hudson Valley Vaulting! 

 * Spring 2021 *

Vaulting is most often described as performing gymnastics and dance on the back of a moving horse. Vaulting is available to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It is a great way to gain balance, confidence and strength.


Vaulters are on the horse as individuals, pairs and teams. Beginners compete at the walk or trot while experienced vaulters compete at the canter. All warm-ups begin on the vaulting barrel to learn the moves.


Vaulters learn moves such as mounts and dismounts, handstands, kneeling and standing, as well as aerial moves like jumps, leaps and tumbling skills. However, many of these skills are only achieved in the highest levels. A typical routine for a child or beginner teen/adult will more likely contain variations on simple kneels and planks.


Vaulting horses are not saddled, but wear a surcingle and a thick back pad. The surcingle has special handles which aid the vaulter in performing certain moves as well as leather loops called "cossack stirrups." The horse wears a bridle and side reins and is attached to a lunge line which is directed by the lunger who stands in the center of a 15-meter circle.

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