Growing Together

For the last 25 years, I have committed myself to building collaborative training methods with horses as partners in development. This ever evolving journey has lead me to create what I call Freedom Based Training™. This is the basis for the training I believe all trainers use and too few talk about. Do you understand your choices in training? Do you understand the pros and cons of being more or less dominant in your development with horses? I aim to help everyone understand their choices and build a course of action that most suits their situation. I work with any breed focusing on depth of relationship, harmony, and collaborative training between horse and human.
Join us for a screening of her documentary Taming The Wild, Live Q&A with Elsa and either a two day or four day workshop.
Two day workshops bring together the nuts and bolts of how we read, respond to and collaborate with our horses as we develop the depth of relationship we want and work toward common goals. 
Four day workshops allow us to bring depth to our understanding of what it is to forge a deeper bond with our horses. Spending time building the skills it takes to work with our horses instead of against them, no whips, no treats, and no motivation other than horse and human working together in the intrinsic enjoyment of the moment. The beginning of a true conversation.

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